HUM Neutralizing Filter Calcite 1.0 cubic foot

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HUM Neutralizing Filter Calcite 1.0 cubic foot

✔️  Perfect if want to raise or neutralize the pH of your water for pretreatment to further water treatment or post treatment after whole house Reverse osmosis system. 
✔️  Power cell backup to retain settings and time during power interruptions
✔️  Flow rates of 5 - 10 gpm

Fully compatible with Constant Pressure and Jet Pumps

Model: WD CFNU10 – 

Whole House Filter

✔️  Fully Automatic system 
✔️  Bypass Valve included
✔️  Electronically Controlled Valve
✔️  Clack Water Treatment Valves used exclusively
✔️ Complete Valve can be disassembled in less than 5 minutes without tools, for easy service.
✔️  Our Valves use no nuts, bolts, screws or springs so they are easier to service

Product Number WD CFNU10

Download Setup Manual here

Download Clack Manual here