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Well Water Treatment


Unlike water from a municipal source well water has not been treated unless you treat it for your family to keep them safe. Water is a natural solvent so it absorbs whatever minerals it comes into contact with while in the ground making the water hard which will make your home much more difficult to keep clean and far less efficient than with soft water. Did you know that if you have a tankless hot water heater you need soft water or you'll be replacing that very expensive heater within a couple of years? With hard water your family's hair will become frizzy and hard to manage. Check out our water softeners, to keep your home cleaner, more energy efficient, make all of your water using appliances last longer and save your family money.

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My Water Smells Bad!

That awful rotten egg smell from well water is sulphur and will make for a very unpleasant shower! Our automatic, self cleaning, chemical free sulphur filters will get rid of that awful smell.

My Water Tastes Funny!

Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems will provide your families drinking water a second barrier against bacteria while reducing the mineral content by 90%, improving the taste and removing chemical contaminants like PPCP's, herbicides and pesticides.

I've Got Water Spots!

Our selection of high performance and efficient Water Softeners will take the hardness from your water, making cleaning a breeze and extending the life of your appliances!

My Water's Brown!

Brown water from either iron or tannins can discolour and permanently stain plumbing fixtures, clothing and even your family's hair. Check out our iron filters which will get rid of that iron staining. Tannin filters work great at removing the color from your water that is being caused by the decomposing roots of vegetation.

Bacteria Removal

If you don't make sure your water is bacteria free, no one else will, leaving your family at risk of contracting water bourne diseases which affect everyone but are especially critical to the very young and elderly. Our Ultraviolet Disinfection systems will ensure your family's water is bacteria free.

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