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Ultra-Violet Water Treatment Systems

About Ultra-Violet Water Treatment Systems

Do you need an Ultraviolet Disinfection System for Your Family?

Ultraviolet Disinfection Water Filters are the easiest and best way to kill bacteria in your water to make sure it is safe for your family!  When your water comes from a municipal water source in a city or town the municipality ensures that your water is safe to drink.  When you have your own well water or are drawing water from a river or a lake it is up to you to make sure the water you provide for your family is safe to drink so you must provide some kind of disinfection.  The very young or elderly are the most likely to get sick from untreated water because their immune systems are not as robust as the immune systems for the rest of us.

Ultraviolet or UV does not add any chemicals to your water or change any of the water's properties, if there is bacteria, it will kill it, if it doesn't the water just flows past the light unchanged. 

Virtually all of our Ultraviolet Systems are Made in Canada and we offer FREE shipping coast to coast in the US.  Whether you are looking for a small UV to supplement your Reverse Osmosis drinking water system or a large monitored system for commercial applications we have the Ultraviolet Disinfection system and the replacement bulbs and pre-filters you need, all at discount prices.  We offer quality name-brand Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems and replacement lamps and sleeves made by ViquaUV Dynamics, Sterilight, Greenway and Trojan UV Max, Be sure to check out our Minirack UV systems, they have the pre filters built in for super easy DIY installation.  

Our youtube channel has well over a hundred of our own youtube videos that not only explain how various water treatment products work but how to install, do maintenance and trouble shoot.  We even have product review videos for you.

Did I mention the FREE shipping in Canada?