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Do I need Water Filters for my Family?

Yes you do!  Water Filters are the easiest and most inexpensive way to remove sediment and chemicals from your water to make your water healthier and more enjoyable for your family and make your home easier to keep clean!  They will also keep your washing machine, shower heads and faucet screens from clogging.  Many of our filters are Made in USA and we offer FREE shipping coast to coast in Canada.  Whether you're looking for a small inline water filter for your Reverse Osmosis drinking water system from Omnipure or a full set of Combo Filters for your Ultraviolet Disinfection system or even for large commercial applications, we have the Water Filter Housings, brackets, wrenches and replacement water filter cartridges you need, all at discount prices. On virtually all of our filters we offer Quantity Discount Prices so the more filters you buy the lower the price per filter so it's an excellent opportunity to stock up!  We offer PentekMatrikx, Viqua, Omnipure, GE and many more quality name brand water filters.  

Our youtube channel has well over a hundred of our own youtube videos that not only explain how various water treatment products work but how to install, do maintenance and trouble shoot.  We even have product review videos for you.  Did I mention the FREE shipping in Canada?