HUM Chemical Free Iron Filter FOB 2.0 Cube

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HUM Chemical Free Iron and Sulphur Water Filter 2.0 Cubic Foot | FREE Shipping

✔️ Perfect if want to solve your iron problem with the least amount of on-going expense. 
✔️ Power cell backup to retain settings and time during power interruptions
✔️ Chemical Free System – much friendlier on your septic system compared to Greensand chemical iron filters.
✔️ Includes air injection system as an oxidizer
✔️ Flow rates of 10 gpm

Ships Programmed and Ready to Install

Not recommended for water with high sulphur content, 1 ppm or less.
Fully compatible with Constant Pressure and Jet Pumps

Model: WDFOB20BP – One and one half Cubic Foot Model
Dimensions: 63" tall and 13" in diameter

Whole House Filter

✔️ Fully Automatic system 
✔️ Bypass Valve included
✔️ Electronically Controlled Valve
✔️ Clack Water Treatment Valves used exclusively
✔️ Complete Valve can be disassembled in less than 5 minutes without tools, for easy service.
✔️ Our Valves use no nuts, bolts, screws or springs so they are easier to service

This video shows the CHEAPEST Way to REMOVE IRON from WELL WATER.

Product Number WD FOB20BP

Video Installation Playlist Here

Download Startup Instructions here

Download Clack Manual here 

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