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Everybody is looking for a deal, especially when we buy a larger quantity of any product which is why stores like Costco are so popular. At The Water Filter Estore we offer even greater discounts based on how many of each water filter you buy at one time with Quantity Breaks Pricing. Quantity Breaks Pricing gives you a discount when you buy more than one of any item and the more you buy, the more you save! This includes not just more than one of a specific itembut purchasing more than one item within a product group will get you a greater discount on all purchases within that price group.

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For example, if you buy two different John Guest fittings, you would get the discounted price for buying two to four on each of these fittings, buy 6 of any type of John Guest fitting and you will get the 5 or more price on all 6! So talk to friends and family to put together a quantity of products so everyone can take advantage of this bulk pricing and save money!

John Guest Quick Connect Fittings Quantity Breaks Price Group

Water Softeners, Tannin, Back Washable, Iron and Sulphur Filters Price Group

Water Filters and Accessories Price Group

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