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Yes, you can do it yourself!

Don't settle for weird water! Nasty smells, awful taste, rust colour, and hard water stains aren't something you need to live with. We make it easy to install your own water treatment system for your family, and with free shipping and wholesale pricing, it's never been easier.

My Water Tastes Awful?

That awful taste is caused by chemicals and minerals in your water. Our Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system will purify your water and make it not only taste great but be super pure and healthy for your family.


My Water Smells Funny?

If you get your water from a municipal water source, that nasty, bleach like smell is chlorine. You can remove it as well as soften all of your household water with this water softener/chlorine removal water conditioner.


If you get your water from a well and have that horrible rotten egg smell this FOC Sulphur/Iron water conditioner will clear that smell and remove iron in your water.


Are hard water stains making Mom miserable?

Hard water stains will show up on the glasses and cutlery from your dishwasher. Your families skin & hair will be dry and itchy. Wherever water gets splashed around kitchen & bathroom faucets, shower walls and doors will become a major cleaning chore. A water softener will keep the staining away and save your family money by using far less soap and make all of your water using appliances last much longer!


Why is my water an embarrassingly funny colour?

Discoloured well or lake water can be caused by tannins or iron in your families water. Both will cause staining and look awful. This video shows how we test your water sample to determine which one is tormenting your family.


Tannin Filter
Iron Filter

Could there be bacteria in my water?

If you’re on well water it is your responsibility to make sure your families water is bacteria free so no one gets sick. Our chemical free, ultraviolet disinfection systems will ensure everyone stays healthy.