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Which Iron and Sulphur Filter is Best for Well Water?

Which Iron and Sulphur Filter is Best for Well Water?

Have Well Water and wondering which Iron and Sulphur Filter is best for your family? The answer to this all depends on the amount of sulphur, iron, and manganese that’s in YOUR water!

If you're unsure about what's in your water, our water specialists are ready and willing to help! Simply send us a water sample to the mailing address below and we will test it for you. Once you have this information, you'll be able to make a solid decision on which is the best system for your home's well water.

Mail water samples to:
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I have shared various in-depth videos on each system that can be found via the links below, but here's a quick overview of how Iron and Sulphur Filters work. 

  • Air is drawn in through the air intake via an advanced electronic control valve to form an air cap within the top of the media tank.
  • As water is sprayed through the air cap it begins oxidizing the iron and sulphur out of the water, and the media traps the precipitating iron.
  • Every three days the air over media filter automatically backwashes all of the media. The iron, dirt and sediment are flushed from the media and into the drain.
  • Then the air cap is rebuilt before the filter is put back into service to continue to remove iron from your water.


For Iron and Sulphur Filter Systems, there are three types to choose from: FOB, FOC and FOK. Let's explore each below.
  1. FOB uses Birm as a media, which is typically successful at removing up to 4 ppm of iron from your water when the pH is over 6.8. Low, barely perceptible amounts of sulphur will be removed too but If you have significant amounts in your water, that sulphur will shorten the life of the Birm media and there will be very little sulphur removed.

  2. The FOC uses catalytic or centaur carbon as the media. If you have significant sulphur and less than 1.0 ppm of iron this is a great choice at removing both in one piece of equipment. Your pH should be over 6.5 for this system to work properly.

  3. Then there's the newest of the triplets, the FOK. When you have up to 7 ppm of iron, up to 2 ppm of sulphur and up to 1 ppm of manganese too, as long as your manganese content isn’t over 10% of the iron content, this is your best choice. Also, an FOK will work great at removing iron and sulphur when your pH is between 6.0 and 9.0 but if you want it to also remove the manganese, you need to have a pH of at least 8.0.

As you can see, knowing your water test results will steer you to the right chemical-free iron or sulphur or manganese removal system for your family. Whether you are looking for an Iron only or combination Iron and Sulphur water filter, we have what you need -- all at discount prices. Plus, we offer FREE SHIPPING across Canada!

Be sure to check out the videos on our youtube channel to learn more about how these work.

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