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What Size Water Softener Do I Need for My Family?

Please share this video   • What Size Water S...   For more great information about water treatment, subscribe!   / waterstoremidland   Check out our Water Softener Playlist here   • Water Softeners   Follow me or email or Check out our online store at https// or our full service store in Midland, Ontario at https// If you aren’t sure as to how a water softener works, you may want to check out my video on that topic now by clicking here:   • How does a Water ...   To size a water softener for your family you’ll need to know a couple of things. The hardness of your water in grains per gallon, the amount of people in your household and if you’re on well water, is there any iron in your water. With iron in your family’s water, the hardness value must be corrected. For every 1 ppm of iron, 3 GPG needs to be added to the total hardness value to give you the compensated hardness. Here's an example: Hardness: 10 GPG plus 1 ppm of iron = 13 (10 plus 3 to compensate for the 1 ppm of iron present) GPG hardness (compensated for iron) Daily Water Use: 4 People X 75 Gallons per day (industry standard) = 300 gallons per day. Daily Softening Requirement = 13 grains per gallon X 300 gallons per day = 3900 grains per day. In this example, the softener will be removing 3900 grains per day. A softener is usually sized to regenerate about once per week, so you will need a water softener that will remove 3900 x 7 = 27,300 grains efficiently. Water softeners are typically most efficient at 65% of their capacity so in the example above, you would need a 27,300/.65 = 42,000 grain water softener to get the job done efficiently. So you could invest in either a WaterBoss 380 high efficiency water softener or a Clack 45K water softener. Just substitute your own numbers to calculate the best size for your family. Mail Your Water Sample to: The Water Store 1004 King Street Midland, Ontario L4R0B8 Please share this video   • What Size Water S...   For more great information about water treatment subscribe!   / waterstoremidland   Follow me or email or SHOP! Midland Canada USA