Water Softener Trouble Shooting Water Keeps Flowing to Drain - Aquamaster


Although these Aquamaster High Efficiency water softeners are very reliable, one day there may be a concern when you notice that water keeps flowing to the drain.

I always recommend you check the obvious first!

1) Is the water softener currently in a regeneration cycle? If the current time is incorrect the water softener may think that now is the time it regenerates, check the time displayed on the controller and if incorrect, correct it.

2) Is the controller attached properly? Make sure the controller is pushed all the way onto the drive end cap and snapped into place.

3) Is the water softener plugged in? Check that the transformer is plugged into the controller. Make sure there is electric power at the outlet. Make sure the outlet is not controlled by a switch and is occasionally switched off.

4) Is the transformer defective? Test with volt meter for 12 VAC at control. If less than 10 VAC or greater than 14 VAC, replace the transformer

5) Defective magnet disk? Replace magnet disk with a new one.

6) Foreign object in valve body? Remove foreign object(s) from the valve body

7) Broken valve assembly? Motor running? Repair or replace the drive end cap

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  • Gary Beutler