Water Softener Trouble Shooting No Flow Indicated Aquamaster or Water Boss



Although these are very reliable water softeners, one day there may be a concern when no soft water is being produced. You run a faucet in the house and notice that the water softener is not indicating any flow, you can troubleshoot the concern by checking the following:

Check the obvious first!

1) Is the bypass valve in the Bypass position? Place the bypass valve back 100% into the Service position

2) Is the Water Softener plumbed backward? Follow the flow of water and check the arrows to confirm it is plumbed correctly.

3) Is the sensor receiving signal from magnet on turbine? Remove sensor from Bypass housing. Test with magnet on either flat side of sensor. If flow is indicated, check turbine. If no flow is indicated, replace the sensor.

4) Is flow indicated when water is not being used? The household plumbing system has a leak, likely from a toilet. Repair the leak.

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  • Gary Beutler