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Water Softener Review - Clack WS1

Water Softener Review - Clack WS1

It should be noted that Clack Corporation does not build complete water softeners, they build these fantastic valves that are used by water treatment professionals like myself for iron & sulphur filters, countless back washable type filters and of course water softeners, like this one. These valves are used in numerous industrial and commercial applications and of course for home and cottage use too. This valve has been the industry standard for over 10 years and right up to this year it is still the valve we focus on at every water treatment convention. Also, please note that these come in a variety of button configurations for various applications. I do not recommend the 3 button version, typically the 5 button is the model you want for water softening. These are available with or without chlorine removal capabilities.

So how does the Clack WS1 equipped Water Softener compare?
Performance - 10/10 This water softener consistently produces soft water economically. This valve has been around for over 15 years and it is very rare to replace a water softener with this valve. When a customer has problem water, like high hardness, iron or sediment this is the tough valve we specify because we know it will get the job done year after year!
Capacity - 10/10 It's capacity is unlimited for home use, this version is the 1" valve but larger sizes are available for any size home and can be attached to any size media tank. This 1" valve will handle 27 gpm flow rate over a pressure range of 20-125 psi
Cost to Operate - 7/10 These only use about $2 worth of hydro annually. Since this is a standard efficiency valve typically used with standard efficiency media it does use more salt and water during regeneration than a high efficiency water softener, but it still is more efficient than most water softeners on the market today and far it's far more efficient than older water softeners.
Ease of Installation/Use - 9/10 This is the easiest valve to install and use hands down! This Clack valve can be used on all sizes of water softeners but its real claim to fame is how easy it is to program for dealers like me but also how easily the programming can be adjusted by the home owner. Simple adjustments like changing the current or regeneration time is intuitive and quickly accessed. They even come with a qr code in the face plate so you can download the user manual at any time for quick reference. They do occupy a larger footprint than the smaller high efficiency water softeners
Features - 10/10 - This valve's look a head and fully adjustable days override features are the best in the industry and keep this water softener salt and water efficient as well as make it a great choice for cottage applications.
Parts Availability - 10/10 This valve is totally non proprietary so any water dealer can get parts and service is available from a variety of sources. Every wholesaler and every dealer like me stocks parts, or at least they should. Complete service manuals are readily available on line.
Longevity - 10/10 I have personally seen these installed in customers homes where they have been in service for over 15 years, like mine for example! To service my customers I have been carrying spare parts for this valve in my van for over 14 years, most of the parts I carry today are the same ones I carried 14 years ago because it is very rare to replace a part in one of these!
Reliability and Build Quality - 10/10 Build quality is top notch and these are super reliable as witnessed by their longevity. No bells and no whistles just consistent reliable performance. Like most modern water softeners they are somewhat susceptible to salt clogging, but by waiting until the salt level is at the ¼ mark before refilling tends to minimize or even eliminate this concern.
Initial Investment - 10/10 These are extremely well priced given their long life, ease of use and versatility, so when it comes to water softeners for your family this one is a bargain!
Styling/Aesthetics - 7/10 No, these are not pretty, but lets face it, they are usually installed in a basement so who cares what they look like especially when this Clack WS1 water softener offer so much performance!
Gary the Water Guy Overall Score 93/100