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Water Softener Maintenance & Repair - Clean Flow Control Aquamaster

Water Softener Maintenance & Repair - Clean Flow Control Aquamaster



Although these Aquamaster High Efficiency water softeners rarely need service or repair, today I'm looking at cleaning the flow control/brine piston. this could be the cause of the softener not producing soft water.

1) Remove the valve cover assembly and initiate a regeneration by holding down the regeneration button for 5 seconds, once you hear water running to drain, bypass and unplug the water softener.

2) Disconnect the Brine Valve Assembly from the Safety Shut Off. Removing the Hex nut from the Safety Shut Off inside the brine well will make it easier to remove from the Brine Valve Assembly.

3) Remove the Magnet Disk Assembly and the Brine Valve Assembly, be careful not to lose the O ring and Brine Piston.

4) The Piston should have an O-Ring on the shaft side of the flange and a spring pressed onto a boss on the other side. Check to make sure that the O-Ring is free of defects such as cuts or debris on the shaft side.

5) Just inside the entrance hole for the Brine Piston is a concave seat area that must be free of defects such as nicks, indentations, or debris. This seat area ensures a leak-free seal for the static O-Ring on the Brine Piston. If any defects are detected by visual inspection, repair or replace as needed.

6) Make sure the hole in the Flow Control is clean, you can use a tooth pick and flush with water. The Flow Control has two distinct and different sides. One is “flat”; the other is “concave.” The button should be centered in the housing opening with the four locator “ribs” with the concave side facing the Brine Valve Cap.

7) Reassemble and connect to Safety Shut Off.

8) Plug water softener back in and move bypass valve into service.

9) Regenerate water softener, again checking for leaks throughout the regeneration process and during the brine draw cycle you should see the water softener slowly sucking the brine from inside the brine tank.