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Water Softener Jacket Stops Tank from Sweating

Water Softener Jacket Stops Tank from Sweating

Sweating Water Softener Tank?


Learn why your water softener is sweating and see the solutions to prevent unwanted ruined floors, mold, or gross encounters in your home. In this blog I’m going to explain how to size and install this water softener jacket that stops your tank from sweating, starting right now.



The Trick to Stop Your Water Softener from Sweating

Does your water softener sweat? Is the sweat ruining your floor under the water softener? Is the condensation on the tank attracting and growing mold? Does the whole thing look disgusting? How can you stop this mess for your family? In this blog I’m going to explain how to size and install this water softener jacket that stops your tank from sweating, starting right now.

Getting this condensation problem from your water filtration equipment under control is super easy.


I should add that these jackets work on any back washable media tank filters including:

• water softeners

• Iron

• Sediment

• Tannin

• Carbon

• Sulphur


Why your water softener tank sweats

Whenever a cold liquid moves through a tank or pipe in a warm and or humid room, you'll get condensation on the outside of that tank. Given enough cold water flowing in a room with significant damp heat and humidity, like in a cottage or cabin without air conditioning, the condensation will form on the outside of the tank and will start to run off the tank and you'll soon get puddles on the floor. This could result in damage to the floor. Also, since these tanks are usually located in an area with minimal air circulation and a somewhat dirty environment it doesn't take long for mold to start to grow on the outside of the tank, making a mess. To stop this process, you’ll need something to insulate the outside of the media tanks.


Water Softener Jacket


These neoprene jackets (same stuff that’s used to make diver's wet suits) provide a quick and easy solution to reduce tank condensation, mold growth and puddling on the floor of your utility room.


Neoprene Water Softener Jacket Solutions

1) There’s no need for complicated removal of valves or plumbing when insulating your tank with these jackets.

2) These jackets are easy to install since they have a zipper down the back. They can be applied to any media tank whether it’s a water softener, iron or sulphur filter or back washing carbon or sediment filter.

3) For long term service they are also washable in cold water and are air dried.

4) The best way for you to check the size is by looking down near the bottom of your tank for its size. For example this tank shows a code 1054 which means that it’s a 10" diameter tank that is 54" long. So that is the size jacket you will need – 10x54.

5) To install, clean the tank(s) thoroughly and make sure it is dry before installing the jacket. Then surround the tank with the jacket and secure the two sides together with the velcro closure at the bottom before engaging the zipper.

6) Then carefully zip it up! If it's slightly off centre, you can slightly rotate the jacket to improve the fit and finish.


Say goodbye to tank sweats starting today

With the water softener jacket you will be pleased to know you have finally found a solution for all of the inconveniences sweating water softeners give. No more ruined floors, mold, or gross encounters.

Share this knowledge with your family and friends to say goodbye to sweaty water softeners.