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How to REPLACE LAMP & FILTERS in VIQUA IHS12 D4, IHS22-D4 or IHS22-E4 UV Systems

How to REPLACE LAMP & FILTERS in VIQUA IHS12 D4, IHS22-D4 or IHS22-E4 UV Systems

Has it been a while since you’ve had truly clean great tasting water?

Well, problem solved! We provide the information you need when it comes to water!

Viqua UV systems, modelsIHS12 D4, IHS22-D4,IHS22-E4 will make sure that the water in your home, cottage or cabin is chemical free.

But, as with any important system in your home, it requires some maintenance.Once per year you'll need to change the filters and UV lamp as well as clean or replace the quartz sleeve.

Follow along to see how easy it is to maintain these systems from Viqua:

The first thing you need to do is to turn off all the water coming into the system, and go anywhere in your home and open up the faucet to make sure that all water pressure has been drained.

Next you need to unplug the UV system from the wall, while the lamp is cooling, you can change the filters.

So to start that process you need to make sure that all pressure is gone from the housing filter, so press the black buttons on top to make sure. At the bottom of the filter housing, there is a brass plug and you can unscrew that now, to drain out all water from the housing.

Once all the pressure is out, take the filter housing wrench, and use to lose it up the collar so you can unscrew it with more ease. Once the housing is completely removed from the system, dump out the water and make sure that there are no O rings left inside the housing..

Wash the filter housing out and replace the old filter with the new one.Replace the collar on the filter housing and tighten just a little more than hand tight.

At this point your UV lamp should be cooled off, so disconnect the electrical connection on top, and unscrew and remove the UV lamp. Remove the gray sleeve bolt and then remove the quartz sleeve and make sure that it is completelyclean.  If not, clean it with CLR or similar mild acid.

Place the O-ring about ¾”from the end of the quartz sleeve and insert the sleeve back in, and screw the sleeve bolt back in, then grab your new lamp and insert itback.  Be sure to only handle the lamp with a cloth, not your bare hands.

Next, reconnect the electrical connection on top, until you hear the snap. 

Then plug it back in. And reset the timer, so your system knows you switched the lamps, by pressing the first grey button. Once all of the lights turn solid green you are good to go for filling the system with water again.

And as easy as that you just finished the maintenance of your water filter!

And you can go back to having crystal clear, safe and clean water again for your family.

For more information you can check our Youtube video that explains the whole process step by step!

How to REPLACE LAMP & FILTERS in VIQUA IHS12 D4, IHS22-D4 or IHS22-E4 UV Systems

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