Vectamaxx Commercial Whole House Reverse Osmosis Unboxing and Overview


The Vectamaxx series Commercial/Whole House Reverse Osmosis systems are so good we recently decided to replace our old RO in the store with this new Vectmaxx 4800. They’re available in 4 sizes from 2400 gpm up to 9600 gpm, the biggest difference and what determines the capacity between the models is the number of membranes. Each membrane represents about 2400 gpm of capacity. For more info about Sizing a Commercial/Whole House Reverse Osmosis system see my video How to Size a Commercial or Whole House Reverse Osmosis System
The unit comes shipped directly to you from the manufacturer in a box on a skid to prevent shipping damage. Just cut the plastic wrap and remove the box, to get it off the skid then remove the wood bracing holding down. Once free from the skid then just unit can easily be moved with a dolly.
If you’re not familiar with how these systems work now would be a great time to watch my video here How Does a Commercial or Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Work?

What comes in the box? The owners manual, a filter housing wrench and the feed water inlet and arrestor. It even comes with the sediment pre filter included.
We offer these Vectamaxx Commercial/Whole house Reverse Osmosis Systems with Discount Pricing and FREE Shipping.
This one was ordered with the optional Dual TDS meter, which I highly recommend as it must be ordered when the RO is manufactured. I also recommend this optional float switch to turn the system off and back on to maintain the water level in an atmospheric holding tank.
As you can see the whole unit arrives fully assembled from the factory. Following the flow of the water through the RO, the water leaves the pre treatment and flows in through the 1” Big Blue housing and 5 micron prefilter. Then it goes through the inlet solenoid and is pushed through the membrane by the drive pump. Product water then flows to tank while waste water flows to drain.
Other things you should take note of:
White powder coat frame with levelling feet
Stainless Steel Drive pump.
Stainless Steel Membrane housings
Pressure Guages: Glycerin filled, stainless body, 2 1/2’’. 0-100
psi pre-filter pressure pre/post, 0-200 psi
system pressure
Waste Production Rate:
Recovery Rate @ 60%
Feed Water greater than 1000 TDS RSL4800 2.12 USGPM 8.0 LPM
Recovery Rate @ 40%
Feed Water greater than 1000 TDS RSL4800 4.8 USGPM 18.0 LPM
RSL7200 7.2 USGPM 27.0 LPM
Low Pressure Switch: 220VAC/60Hz cut-out @ 15 psi
Permeate and Waste Flow Meters
Complete installation manual
You may want to check out our Commercial Whole House Video playlist here

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  • Gary Beutler