UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Minirack Disinfection System Review

UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Minirack Disinfection System Review

UV Dynamics builds these in a number of prefilter configurations and flow rates and this review applies to all of them. Ultraviolet disinfection systems, like these Minirack systems from UV Dynamics that we are discussing, have become a popular choice for home owners and cottagers that are not serviced by municipal water sources. These are whole house systems that ensure all of the water flowing into your home or cottage is bacteria free and safe for your family. If you do not take these pre cautions about your water no one else well. The UV Dynamics Minirack water sterilizer is a popular and economical choice for small cottages up to large homes requiring flow rates from 6 to a maximum of 20 gpm depending on the model. They are available with one or two sump prefiltration/ These UV’s include many popular convenience features including a visual "lamp on" light, and an audible lamp failure alarm. They feature stainless steel reactor chambers and with their manifold configuration are very easy to install.

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So how do these Viqua Ultraviolet Disinfection systems compare? Performance - 10/10 A consistent and proven bacteria kill in both lake and well water. UV Dynamics UV's are NSF and WQA certified to ensure their consistent performance. Capacity - 10/10 The capacity in this case is the UV's ability to kill bacteria which is limited to the flow rate. Since these models cover up to 20 gpm you just invest in the one whose maximum flow rate is higher than your pumps' flow rate. Cost to Operate - 9/10 Low 40 - 120 Watt power consumption to operate. These replacement lamps, although readily available at a variety of sources, are very reasonably priced. Ease of Installation/use - 10/10 Minirack UV systems, which include the pre filters in one manifold with the UV are easier and quicker to install than UV's with separate pre filters. Just be sure to plan to leave about 20" above the UV for lamp changes. Features - 9/10 - These Ultraviolet Disinfection systems have lamp life indicator with an audible warning system when the time has come to replace the lamp. A countdown timer showing the lamp life in days remaining, which is very useful especially for cottage applications is not included. Parts Availability - 9/10 Although parts are readily available from the manufacturer and any number of distributors. Since this is a non proprietary product parts are readily available from any water treatment dealer. Longevity - 10/10 These systems have proven to be give long service life. Reliability and Build Quality - 9/10 Build quality is top notch and these units are very reliable. When first introduced into the market there were a few build quality issues but they have been addressed and remedied. Initial Investment - 10/10 These Viqua UV's are very well priced and since there is a whole range of sizes and options you can invest in only as much UV as you need without over paying. Styling/Aesthetics - 10/10 These Ultraviolet Disinfection systems are very well built and look great when installed. Their placement of serial and model number label as well as replacement lamp product code is very easy to access for future reference. Gary the Water Guy Overall Score 96/100 Pros: Low initial investment, very accessible replacement parts, easy DIY install Cons: Having an LED count down timer on Ballast. So what's the Verdict? I rate this as a great choice for any family that needs an Ultraviolet system especially for the do it yourselfer due to it's easy installation

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  • Gary Beutler