This Soap Test Shows how a Water Softener will Save You Money


With a Water Softener you will use one half the soap that you currently use for washing your clothes, dishes and yourself, which will save you lots of money!
This can be shown with an experiment. By taking two identical glass flasks and filling one ½ full with hard water and the other ½ full with softened water we can illustrate the difference on how each water reacts with soap.
Add 5 drops of liquid soap to both containers, cover the opening and shake both the same number of times and you will see that the hard water sample produces very little suds and the water is quite murky (this is called soap scum), while the soft water sample will have much more suds and the water under the suds will be almost clear. You can take the experiment further by adding another 5 drops of soap to the hard water sample and none to the soft water sample and again shake both the same amount. You will now see that the soft water sample still has produced more suds with clearer water below the suds than the hard water sample with twice the soap! This shows that not only will you need less than ½ the soap with soft water, your clothes will be cleaner, whiter and brighter because the water is not contaminated by the murky soap scum and the soapy water will rinse out of your clothes more thoroughly with soft water.

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  • Gary Beutler