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The best cottage or cabin reverse osmosis system!

The best cottage or cabin reverse osmosis system!

Do you want clear, super-pure, great-tasting and low TDS drinking water at your home, cottage or cabin?

We have the perfect solution for you! And youdon't even need to go to the expense and complexity of a whole house water filtration system! 

The HUM Cottage Water 75 GPD R/O Drinking Water System does the job for anyone needingsuper pure drinkingwater in their home, cottage or cabin. And in this blog, I made a full review of the product, and you'll be able to understand more about its differences.

First, to understand the product and its functions better, you need to know how Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems work. Check out this video, where I explain everything in a simple way:https://youtu.be/Quy_Mg87Tsk  

As I'm sure you've heard, reverse osmosis drinking water systems are a great way of having a great tasting, super-purelow TDS water. But not all reverse osmosis systems are specifically designed for lake or river water. 

Our HUM Cottage Water 75 Reverse Osmosis Systemis designed for lake or river water, so obviously, it needs specific pieces to clean your water. Because of this, it includes a special carbon filter that helps remove pesticides, herbicides, cysts and lead from your water. And also a tannin filter because most surface water sources have a weak tea colour. 

This Reverse Osmosis drinking water system includes 3/8" tubing that goes from the tank to the last filter to the faucet, making the water come out faster and fillingyour cupquickly. And because of the highly efficient membrane,very little water goes to the drain. Resulting in you saving money with less water being wasted!

My honest review of theHUM Water Saver 75 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Performance: 10/10

The tank fillsvery quickly because of the 75-gallon-per-day membrane.

Capacity: 9/10

The tank size controls the capacity, and this product has a 4-gallon tank. And If that's not enough for you, you can add a second tank or a 14-gallon tank, which will give you a lot of capacity!

Cost to operate: 9/10

The replacement filters are nonproprietary, so you can purchase different brands as a replacement, which keeps the costs down. However, it requires a special tannin and carbon filter, which are slightly more expensivethan the filters in other reverse osmosis systems. But still, this system is specifically designed for cottage or cabin water, and very little water goes to the drain.

Ease of installation: 9/10

It's a relatively small unit, but it comes with a tank about the size of a basketball. You can install it underneath your kitchen sink or in an open area underneath your kitchen.EliminateI've got a great YouTube video that shows you how to do the installationhttps://youtu.be/FvloAPQui28

Ease of maintenance: 9/10

The filters are prettyconnectto change, and the membrane and thepolishingcarbon filter even have quick-connectfittings. I have a specific video showing how to do the maintenance. Check it outhttps://youtu.be/Ldsf7qSxTp4

Features: 10/10

It's got all the features you need to get great-tasting, super-pure drinking water for your family without all the bells and whistles. 

Parts availability: 9/10 

All the replacement filters are nonproprietary, so you can get the replacement filters just about anywhere.

Longevity: 9/10

The membrane won't last ten years, which is the typical timing. But if you're using soft well water, lake water or river water, you'll get five years out of that high-efficiency membrane. 

Reliability and build quality: 9/10

They are made in the USA. But the fittings are made by a company called John Guest, based out of England. They're very high-quality fittings, and this system is definitely built to last. 

Styling and aesthetics: 9/10

Obviously, the focus of this product is not styling. But if it had an enclosed manifold, it would look nicer and prettier. However, it wouldn't have these nonproprietary filters, which are very important.

Finally, my overall score on the HUM Cottage water 75 is92/100!

It's essential to remember that this is the only reverse osmosis system out there that's specifically built for the cottage and cabin market and will give excellent service to your family. 

Here's myvideo about this product, where I give more information about it! 

Shop HUM Cottage Water 75 REverse Osmosis System for your family herehttps://waterestore.com/products/hum-cottage-water-75-gpd-r-o-drinking-water-system 

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