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Should I bathe my Baby in Tap Water?

Should I bathe my Baby in Tap Water?

The care and feeding of a new baby is very important for every family. There are so many things to be concerned about including the water you use for bathing your baby!

Hard municipal water contains harsh chemicals like chlorine which will cause skin irritation & rashes and can also lead to much greater concerns.

Dr. Oz, on his popular television program, was right about the chemicals in municipal water being really harsh on your hair. They’re harsh on your skin too – especially the skin of our soft, sweet baby. But the only effective way to remove those chemicals from the bath and shower water is to install a whole house water filter designed for their removal.

Dr Oz addressed his audience to take responsibility for the tap water for their families. Specifically Dr Oz admonishes you to never give a child a bath with ordinary tap water. Why? You see your skin is the largest organ of your body, can you imagine how much fluoride and chlorine your body soaks in during a bath? A baby sitting in tap water or in fact anyone standing under a shower absorbs far more of these chemicals than they do when they are drinking it.

So what should you do? If your family's home uses municipal water make sure that you are using a whole house carbon filter either in cartridge form or a back washable filter that is contained within your water softener or by itself like this one . Also, make sure you have a water softener. Not only will your water be safer for your baby and the whole family, the water softener will pay for itself by reducing the amount of soap and other harsh chemicals used in your home and make your home much easier to keep clean, which will save Mom time. If you are on well water, again make sure your water is not only soft, but also iron and sulphur free Well and surface water must be protected from water borne bacteria with an Ultraviolet light like this one to ensure no one gets sick.