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Are you confused about which Reverse Osmosis System is the best choice for your family? What should you be looking for to make the right choice? Check out our REVERSE OSMOSIS CHALLENGE! Amazons BEST vs HUM Water Saver 75.  Let's compare!

1) Capacity between these two models, the Express Water RO system is rated at 50 gpd while the HUM one is rated as 75 gpd. So the HUM water saver 75 fills the tank 50% more quickly. Winner Round one is HUM Water Care

2) Ease of installation, the installation process is essentially the same and both systems offer YouTube videos to help with the installation. The instruction booklet coming with the Express RO is slightly better although the HUM system is more completely assembled right out of the Box.

3) Completeness – Both systems come with filters and an installation kit, but the Express Water’s RO system comes with an extra set of filters in the box and the leak stop system. You need to order them separately for HUM Water Care.

4) Ease of Maintenance. Both are quite easy to maintain, they use essentially the same filters but the membranes differ due to the HUM Water Care Water Saver 75 is a high efficiency Reverse Osmosis system.

5) With regard to features, we have another tie. Both are 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems, they both come with installation kits and faucets. They both connect to the water source and give you Reverse Osmosis drinking water.

6) Performance is where we see a huge difference between these two systems. The number one complaint about Reverse Osmosis has been how slowly water came out of the faucet. We used a large 14 ounce water glass and timed how long it took each system to fill that glass. Hum had it done in 6.5 seconds while Express took 13.8 seconds. The number two complaint is how much water is flushed to the drain. The HUM RO is a high efficiency RO. Which means that while the RO is producing super pure Reverse Osmosis water there is less than ½ of the water going to the drain than with the Express RO. So to fill the 2 ½ gallon tank that comes with each system the Express water RO flushes 12 1/2 gallons of water to the drain while the HUM Water Care flushes only 6 gallons of water to the drain. For the average family of four who drinks about 2 gallons of water per day, the Express system would run 6 more gallons of water to the drain every day to produce that water than the HUM Water Saver 75.

7) My rating on longevity of both of these units comes from my experience from maintaining RO’s like these for our customers. It’s no surprise that the Express Water RO is manufactured in China, because almost all of them are, except the Water Saver 75. I found it interesting that no where on the box or the paperwork inside or on the unit itself it says that it is made in China. I had to contact the manufacturer to confirm where they are made. I expect the longevity of the Express Ro to be about ½ of the Water Saver 75.

8) Build Quality. When you compare the two side by side you might not see many differences but because I work with these systems every day I sure do so let me point them out to you. Take these quick connect fittings, for example.

9) Those higher quality fittings and build quality with the HUM Water Saver 75 come at a cost! Investment is the big difference! Currently this Water Saver 75 High Efficiency unit is $330 high Investment than the Express Water RO with the extra filters and the leak stop! Replacement filters will cost about the same over the life of these systems! If you prefer the low initial cost and don’t care about the extra 2,000 gallons per year the Express water RO flushes to the drain, can live with the fact that it takes twice as long to fill a water glass and can get over the increased chance of a leak due to the inferior fittings and build quality, the Express Water RO will work for you.

If however you appreciate the security of the improved build quality and efficiency of the HUM Safe Water 75 and feel the additional $330 is worth that piece of mind, the HUM Water Saver 75 is the better choice for your family. Remember, that both units will accomplish the same goal, that is delicious, super pure reverse osmosis water for your family.