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Replacement Minirack UV Lamp and Filters Made Easy!

Replacement Minirack UV Lamp and Filters Made Easy!

So you've invested in a Minirack Ultraviolet Disinfection System to keep the water safe for you and your family at your home, cottage or cabin. Great choice!

To keep your Minirack UV system running smoothly and ensure your family's drinking water isn't compromised, you'll need to perform routine maintenance and filter replacements.

Here are some simple steps from Gary The Water Guy on how you can find what you need online and properly order the required items, with tips to save you time and money!

WHAT YOU HAVE DETERMINES WHAT YOU NEED: Minirack systems like this whole-house HUM Safe Water 10 System have two pre-filters, a UV lamp and a sleeve. Take a look at your Minirack system and jot down the make and model number of your unit. 

MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE: The lamp needs to be replaced every year, the filters usually once per year, and the sleeve when it gets so dirty you can’t get it clean anymore. 

DIY MAINTENANCE: We have YouTube videos that show you how to maintain these systems, but when it comes time to order the replacement items, you’ll need to search our website or give us a call as to figure out what you need. 

BUNDLED SAVINGS: Once you have this info, we've made it super easy for you to find what you need online, just search for "bundle" on our website. 

We currently have bundles for HUM Water Care, Viqua, UV Dynamics, Pura and Greenway and are adding more all the time! 

Find your system model number in the results, and then you choose your bundle consisting of: a) just the filters, the UV lamp and filter OR b) the filters, UV lamp and sleeve. Best of all, these bundles are less costly than individual items. 

Plus, we offer FREE Shipping!

CUSTOM BUNDLES: If you don't see the bundle you’re looking for, no problem. Just let us know what you need and we’ll put a bundle together for you for great savings. 



Still not sure which Minirack system you have? No problem. Just follow this link to help identify your system via our website photos and descriptions, or email us a picture of your Minirack system to

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