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Is Your Water Softener Working? How to test for water hardness.

Is Your Water Softener Working?  How to test for water hardness.

3 Easy, cheap ways to Test Water Hardness.  A great way to check to see if you water softener is working or not.

1) The fastest and easiest way for you to test your family’s water is to use some pure soap like this Castile Soap. Pour 14 ounces of water into jar like this one, add 20 drops of pure soap (detergent won’t work) and shake it up. If you get lots of soap suds your water is soft. But if you get very little soap suds and the water under the suds is cloudy, your water is hard.

2) You can use one of these HUM Water Care hardness test kits. I’ll have a link in the description below and in the cards so you know where to get them. Run your water into a glass and dip the test strip in for 3 seconds, pull it out and wait about 30 seconds and compare it to the chart to determine your water’s hardness.

3) You can mail us a sample of your water and we’ll test it for you for free! This will give you the most exact results and at the same time we can also test your water for iron content, pH and Total Dissolved Solids. Mail to Water Store, 1004 King Street, Midland, Ontario L4R0B8

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How hard is too hard? You can check out this YouTube video of mine to learn more about the different hardness levels.