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Is Your Clack WS1 Water Softener Malfunctioning? Let’s Fix it in 60 Seconds

Is Your Clack WS1 Water Softener Malfunctioning? Let’s Fix it in 60 Seconds

Are you having trouble with your Clack WS1 Water Softener? We can help.

You may be wondering if you need to call in a technician. Good news! The odds are actually very good that you can fix it yourself! We’re sure you would rather not waste any time or money by getting a technician to come to your home. And, if you’re in a rural area or cottage country, you might find it even harder to book a tech.

So, this is all you have to do.

How to Rebuild Your Clack WS1 Water Softener or Iron & Sulphur Filter

If you’re a more visual learner, feel free to check out this video that shows you how every one of these steps should be done. That video is one of my Live Streams on YouTube, check it out.


You simply need to:


1. Start by putting the valve into bypass and then press the Regen button to release the pressure inside the valve.


2. Grab a small bucket, go to the left side of the unit and disconnect the drain line, then catch the excess water (if there is any) from the drain line in your bucket.


3. Remove the faceplate and unplug the circuit board, and then detach it at the top with the two clips. The meter and the power line come off the side.


4. Unscrew the drive-end cap assembly so you can pull out the pistons and the spacer stack. Keep your bucket handy to catch the water.


5. Now, you will want to push in the new spacer stack and clip on the new pistons. Next, insert the assembly and tighten up the drive cap, being careful not to overtighten it.


6. Put the mainframe back on, making sure the wires are routed the same way they were.


7. Next, your valve will synchronize and bring itself back into its home position.


8. Now, you can reattach the drain line and take the valve out of the bypass position.


9. Put the face plate back on and you should be good to go!


If you need any of these parts, click here to buy them online.

More Resources For Your CLACK WS1 Water Softener

These units are remarkably easy to own and maintain, with just a little bit of help.


If you would like to look up an error message that you’re seeing on the display, you may want to watch a video that explains the CLACK WS1’s various error codes.


Or, if you need help programming your unit, click here to learn how.

Do You Have Questions About Your Water Softener?

Whether you’re looking to buy your home’s first water softener, or you’re just looking for new parts for your existing unit, we can help!


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