These chemical free iron & sulphur systems are great because, well they don’t use any chemicals. So you don’t need to spend money on chemicals to operate these systems and worry about harsh chemicals getting into your septic system. These systems use air to oxidize out the iron and sulphur smell so it can be removed and flushed to the drain.

Typically when these stop working it’s because the air inlet venturi has become clogged and that’s the fix. Not sure how these systems work, I have a video that shows you how and I’ll put a link to in the description below and card above.  First you need to realize that there a couple of different types of Chemical free Iron & Sulphur filters out there. If yours uses a mazzei valve like this one, I have a video that shows you how to service those and I will put a link in the description below and in the cards above so you can check it out.

Today we are talking about the very popular air over media system and how to repair the concern that there is no air being drawn into the unit. Follow these steps to trouble shoot and fix!

1) Put the Valve into regeneration by holding the regen button for 5 seconds until you hear it start up.

2) Once you see that it is counting down during the backwash cycle advance the valve by pressing and releasing the regen button again.

3) Now it will start counting down in the “Brine” cycle. While this is happening you should hear a gurgling or sucking sound coming from the air draw at the top of the valve. If you do hear the air draw you likely need to replace the media in your iron/sulphur filter.

4) If you don’t hear air being drawn it means that the injector or venturi is clogged and you will need to clean or ideally replace it.

5) Bypass the valve and undo the drain line and drain any water that is in the drain line. Replace and secure drain line.

6) Next remove the injector cap and pry out the injector taking note of the color of the injector. Clean out the injector port and replace the injector.   Order replacement injector here!

7) Replace the injector cap and put unit back into service and listen for air draw during brine cycle to confirm.


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  • Gary Beutler