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How to Wash a Car: 12 Easy Tips &Tricks

How to Wash a Car: 12 Easy Tips &Tricks

Hi! I’m Gary the Water Guy, and I'm passionate about water filtration and cars. If you’re looking for a quick, simple, and (dare I say) fun video on how to wash a car and get the best results, you’ve come to the right place. Today I'm sharing 12 tips and tricks that will make you the envy of the neighborhood with your super clean car. These tips are for everyone, no experience necessary, and you'll love my fast drying technique!

A clean car not only looks great but it also protects your vehicle's paint, and can help slow down oxidation and rust. Plus, you’ll get better resale value for your car at trade-in time if it's kept in great condition. 

Everyone loves a clean car but not many people know how to get the best results doing it themselves. Here are my top tips & tricks on how to make your DIY home car washes super easy, fast and help your vehicle really shine! 



  1. Park your car in the shade before washing, and make sure the surface is cool before you start.

  2. Use softened water, you’ll get far more suds AND virtually no streaks or water spots when you’re finished. 

  3. This is very important! Use a soap specially made for car washing – do not use dishwashing soaps as you’ll remove any wax that is on the car and dry out the finish in no time.

  4. Start by rinsing off the majority of the dirt from the vehicle with your hose.

  5. Fill a bucket with soapy water. Using a soft brush, start scrubbing at the top of the car (where it is the cleanest) and spread the soapy water from top to bottom over the whole car to soak off the dirt, except the wheels.

  6. Pay special attention to any bird droppings or insect carnage along the way and make sure that gets scrubbed clean. 

  7. Dump out the dirty water and refill your bucket with fresh water and soap for the wheels.

  8. Wash the wheels and then rinse the whole car, from the top down.

  9. Use a California Blade to safely and quickly remove as much water from the surface as possible.

  10. Remove any left-over water spots (except on the wheels, don't touch those yet) with a 100% cotton towel with the ends removed (towel ends usually aren’t 100% cotton and may scratch). Don’t forget to wipe down the door jams! 

    GARY'S QUICK DRY TIP: Use a leaf blower to very quickly get rid of excess water!

  11. Use an old (clean) t-shirt to wipe down and dry the wheels.

  12. Whatever you do, DON’T take your car to a commercial car wash! They use extremely powerful soaps that will dry out your paint and those brushes leave scratches.

There you have it! My 12 top tips to achieving a perfect at-home car wash.  

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