HUM Clack WS1 CC Valve

Recently a customer mentioned that they encountered a problem so I wanted to share this with you. The Clack WS1 water softener 4 and 5 button valves can be locked. We don’t lock them but some water softener assemblers like Viqua do and if you want to get into the valve to change the programming you’ll need to unlock the valve first.

When you press the NEXT and down arrow at the same time, you should get another screen but if the it doesn't appear in 5 seconds the lock on the valve has been activated.

To unlock it just press ∇, NEXT, ∆, and SET CLOCK in sequence and then press NEXT and ∇ simultaneously for 3 seconds and it will unlock the valve. You may need to repeat the procedure a couple of times to get it unlocked.  check the video below for more info.

Why would anyone want to lock it? As I mentioned, some assemblers do lock them so the home owner won’t mess with the settings but there may be situations in your own household where you might want to lock yours too! Like if the equipment is in a house that you’re renting out, or it’s a commercial environment where you want to make sure someone who doesn’t know what they are doing messes with the settings. Or there might be children that just love to push buttons, you can lock it again by following the same procedure.

To lock press ∇, NEXT, ∆, and SET CLOCK in sequence, then press NEXT and ∇ simultaneously for 3 seconds and you will lock the valve.


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  • Gary Beutler