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Clack WS1 Water Treatment Valves have been around for over 10 years and one of the few maintenance procedures they need is resetting the current time after a power outage. You know that you need to reset the time when the LED display is flashing. All of the other settings are permanently in its memory very much like the hard drive of a computer and does not need to be reset. The current time needs to be set to ensure the equipment regenerates at the correct time of day so the water treatment equipment backwashes properly.
The Clack WS1 Metered Valve, which can be identified by the 5 buttons on the front, does have a battery backup system which will hold the time for up to 2 hours, but after that you will need to reset the time. The Clack WS1 TC Valve has 3 buttons on the front but does not have a battery backup system so even if your power is off briefly, the time will need to be reset on this valve.
To reset the time of the 5 button valve, press the Set Clock button and the hours will flash, which can be changed with the up or down buttons to the current time. Set the correct hours and then press Set Clock again and the minutes will flash and again you can set the minutes with the up and down arrows. Once you have the correct time set press Set Clock again and the time will stop flashing and be set.
The 3 button Clack WS1 TC Valve time can be set by pressing the Set Hour button and then pressing the up or down buttons to set the hours only. Minutes cannot be set with this valve. Once the correct time has been set press Set Hour again and the time will stop flashing and be set.

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  • Gary Beutler