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How to Reset the Time and Bypass an Aquamaster Water Softener

How to Reset the Time and Bypass an Aquamaster Water Softener

Aquamaster Water Softeners require very little maintenance, but will require the current time to be reset after an extended power outage.

To get at the controller you will need to remove the lid. Grab it at the back middle in the large hole where the pipes enter and exit and with each hand lift and slightly spread the lid to remove.

The time is reset as part of the Customer Settings mode. To change the Customer Settings press and hold the Display button for about five seconds until the display reads "Customer Setting", then release the button when "Set Time" displays. If the time that is displayed, is correct, press Display to move to the next setting or if the time is incorrect change as follows:

To Change the Time of Day:
1) The cursor will be under the second hour digit.
2) Press Change repeatedly until the current hour is displayed. Then press Select to set the hour and move the cursor to the right.
3) Do the same with the minutes. Select AM or PM. When the correct time is displayed press Display to step to the next parameter

When the display reads "Reg. Time", follow the same procedure as above to set the time that the water softener will regenerate. Usually you want to set a regeneration time when water is typically not used in the home, like at 2 am.

Next the display reads "# People". This value will typically not need to be changed, if it does follow the same procedure as above to change it. Press Display to exit the Customer Settings mode.

While we have the cover off note the built in bypass valve on all Aquamaster Water Softeners. Just turn this knob to "Bypass" to completely bypass the water softener when filling swimming pools, hot tubs, watering the lawns etc or you can turn it slightly past service if for some reason you want your hard and soft water blended, ie not completely soft.

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