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How to Replace Lamp and Service Sterilight UV Water Filter System

How to Replace Lamp and Service Sterilight UV Water Filter System

Note: Do not touch the lamp or the quartz sleeve with your fingers. Handle by the ends only or wear soft gloves.
1. Unplug the system from the electrical outlet and turn off all water supplies to the unit.
2. Carefully remove the lamp connector from the sleeve gland nut assembly to expose just the top of the lamp. While holding the lamp base firmly, remove the lamp power connector by pulling away from bulb ends, do not twist. Caution: lamp base can be very hot – be careful not to drop lamp into quartz sleeve as it is easily broken.
3. Carefully slide the UV lamp out of the quartz sleeve and discard according to local regulations.
4. Remove the quartz sleeve by loosening the gland nut and carefully extracting it from unit. Caution: The quartz sleeve is fragile and is easily chipped or broken – use care when removing or installing.
5. Clean the quartz sleeve with a vinegar solution or a readily available scale removal product (Limeaway, CLR etc.)
6. Re-install the quartz sleeve – replace “O” rings if they appear damaged.
7. Install new lamp by reversing procedure described in step 2 above, making sure that the electrical connector on the end of the bulb is matched up exactly with the electrical connector from the ballast before attempting to push it on.
8. Slowly open water supply valve and purge air from system – verify that there are no leaks before reconnecting to AC power.
The lamp change reminder timer is reset by disconnecting the UV power source from the AC supply, waiting for at least fifteen seconds and then reconnecting to the AC supply with the timer button depressed. The UV power source will emit a solid three-second beep and show the word reset on the led display indicating that the reset was successful.
Note; The electrical cap from the ballast was updated in early 2014. If you have the older style connector pull out the metal “C” ring on the cap before removing cap by pulling away from UV housing. When re installing the old cap, make sure “C” ring is pulled out before attempting to put cap back into place.

For Models: SPV-200, SPV-410, SPV-600, SPV-740, SPV-950, SCV-200/SCMV-200, SCV-320/SCMV-320, SCV-600/SCMV-600, SCV-740/SCMV-740, SV5Q-PA/SSMV-24, SV8Q-PA/SSMV-37, SV12Q-PA/SSMV-39, SP320-HO, SP410-HO, SP600-HO, SP740-HO, SP950-HO, SC-200/SCM-200, SC-320/SCM-320, SC-600/SCM-600, SC740/SCM-740, S1Q-PA, S2Q-PA/SSM-17, S5Q-PA/SSM-24, S8Q-PA/SSM-37, S12Q-PA/SSM-39, SC1, SC2.5, SC4

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