How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Your Toilet-the Easy Way!


Those nasty hard water stains in your family’s toilet are not the easiest to remove but with a little help you can get rid of them forever! You will need some 10% or Cleaning vinegar, disposable rubber gloves, a plunger, some old towels, a bucket, rags and a scrub brush.

1) Start with a toilet that has been cleaned.

2) Use the plunger to force the water in the bottom down the drain.

3) Use a towel to soak up the leftover water.

4) Pour about a litre of vinegar into the toilet.

5) Soak micro fibre cloths in vinegar to sit on the hard water ring and keep the ring soaked with vinegar.

6) Spray cloths with vinegar to make sure they are soaked

7) Let sit for 8 hours.

8) Remove the micro fibre and soak up the vinegar to remove so it isn’t flushed down the toilet.

9) Scrub away whatever is left.

10) You may need to do this a couple of times if you have lots of buildup.

With a water softener these rings will be gone forever making your toilets and home much easier to keep clean!

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  • Gary Beutler