How to remove hard water stains from your showerhead the quick, safe, easy way!


If you have hard water it will stain and clog your shower heads very quickly. Soon some of the holes in the head will be clogged and your flow will slow down. The staining on the shower head will make it look dirty and become embarrassing for your family.

You will need a plastic bag, rubber gloves, some 10% white cleaning vinegar, and a zip tie.

1) Put the zip tie loosely on the neck of the shower head

2) Fill the bag about ½ full of vinegar.

3) Put the shower head into the bag and tighten the zip tie

4) Let it soak for 8 hours and remove the bag.

5) Run water to rinse.

A water softener will ensure you never have this problem again and will make your family’s home much easier to keep clean.

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  • Gary Beutler