How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Faucets and Fixtures the easy way!


Hard Water stains around faucets and sinks look terrible, are embarrassing for your family and can be very difficult to clean. You can clean these stains up easily, just follow along.

You’ll need a couple microfiber towels or a small thin towel, some 10% cleaning vinegar, some baking soda, rubber gloves, a toothbrush and some water.

1) Spray the affected area with the vinegar.

2) Mix 1 part vinegar and 3 parts baking soda into a paste and apply wiht the tooth brush scrubbing all affected areas.

3) Soak the towel with the vinegar and pack tightly around stained areas.

4) Spray with a spray bottle so the cloth is saturated.

5) Let sit for 4 hours

6) Remove the towels and scrub stains away with the toothbrush

7) Rinse with water.

A water softener will help keep those stains away and make your home much easier to keep clean for your family.

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  • Gary Beutler