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Most quality water filtration equipment will last 15 – 20 years no problem, IF it’s maintained correctly, but what exactly does that mean.

1) first, make sure that all of your water treatment equipment is plugged into a surge suppressor! If you don’t do anything else at least do this to protect those expensive circuit boards and ballasts from possible damage from voltage fluctuations. Let’s talk about water softeners!

2) You need to make sure that the salt level is higher than the water level in the brine tank, but there are many more important considerations too about the type of salt you use and how full of salt the brine tank should be and I have a couple videos that deal with each subject and I’ll put the links in the description below.

3) It’s also important to use a water softener media cleaner periodically and I’ve also got another YouTube video about how to use the media cleaner which I’ll add to the description below.

4) If you are in an area where your well water is quite sandy you should also make sure that there is a pre filter before the water softener to keep it from getting clogged.

5) If you have a tannin filter for removing color from your water the same advice applies as for the water softener except the media cleaner you would use is citric acid but again just follow the link in the description below for more info.

6) Cartridge filters need to be replaced whenever your water flow slows down or once a year, whichever comes first.

7) When replacing those filter cartridges make sure you use silicone grease on the o rings to keep them from stretching which would then require replacement. See video here

8) For Ultraviolet disinfection or UV systems you need to make sure you replace the UV lamp every year If you don’t, you’ll not only be protected from bacteria you will significantly shorten the life of the ballast.

9) make sure you clean the sleeve, when you replace the lamp. The UV light needs to be able to shine through that sleeve to kill the bacteria so if the sleeve is dirty or has scale build up on it that cannot be removed you need to replace the sleeve, otherwise the UV system will not kill bacteria.

10) If you have an air over media iron or sulphur filter like one of these the injector will require cleaning any time it stops sucking air or after every 5 years, whichever comes first. Once again I’ve got a great YouTube video on how to trouble shoot and clean the injector in the description below.

11) Reverse Osmosis drinking water system contain truly fantastic technology in a very small package and can be taken for granted as long as the water quality seems great, but you need to replace the filters once a year and have the water quality tested every 3 years to make sure that the membrane is still working.

A little maintenance and some common sense will make that water filtration investment pay dividends for years to come and keep your family safe. Go here for your next video about water filtration maintenance and I’ll see you there!