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How to Install Purifiner Duplex UV System: The Complete Guide

How to Install Purifiner Duplex UV System: The Complete Guide

You need to install a Purifiner Duplex Minirack Ultraviolet Disinfection System for your home, cottage or cabin to make sure your well or lake water is bacteria-free and safe for your family… BUT you’ve never installed one of these before and you’re not sure how to install it properly? No problem! In this guide, I’ll walk you through the whole process step by step and include some extra tips and tricks that I use so you can easily install one of these yourself, like a Pro! 

This blog is perfect for the DIY home, cottage or cabin owner who’s looking to install a Purifiner UV system themselves. By the end of this blog, you’ll fully understand how and where to install this Minirack UV the best way to make sure it performs perfectly and is easily serviced in the future.

By the way, Purifiner makes Minirack UV systems for Water Depot and many others so if you have one of those and it looks like one of these, the installation procedure is identical.



If you’re not sure how one of these Minirack UV systems work, I have a great YouTube video here that explains the whole process.




1) Pre-treatment must be completed prior to installing your Purifiner Duplex UV System. This step is critical!!
  • Iron < 0.3 ppm (0.3 mg/L) 
  • Hardness* < 7 gpg (120 mg/L) 
  • Turbidity < 1 NTU 
  • Manganese < 0.5 ppm (0.5 mg/L) I am sure it’s actually 0.05
  • Tannins 0 
  • UV Transmittance > 100% 


2) 5-micron sediment and carbon pre-filter need to be installed as part of pre-treatment. Need filters for your unit? >> SHOP HERE

3) Your UV must be installed in the proper order, relative to other equipment you have in your home. Here's a great infographic that shows the exact order your water treatment equipment should be installed, for optimal results. 

well water filtration infographic

4) Surge Suppressor protection needs to be included.


5) Determine the appropriate indoor location of the controller. Also, keep in mind that the lamp comes out of the exit end of the chamber which means you will need 20” of space for the lamp and sleeve clearance.


6) Check the direction of flow, if it is in the opposite direction of the system, remove the mounting plate and reverse it 180 degrees. Then rotate the reactor chamber. Or you can choose to just plumb it past and then in.




  1. purifiner minirack uv system
    Once both the orientation and location have been selected, securely fasten the rack to a suitable backing or even just a 2 x 4 screwed to the studs. 

  2. For water supplies where the maximum flow rate is unknown, a flow restrictor is recommended so that the rated flow of your particular Purifiner UV system, 8 gpm in this case is not exceeded. 

  3. Connect both the inlet and outlet to the rack system with the applicable connections based on your particular plumbing requirements. The inlet port of the filters is a 1” FNPT connection and the outlet port of the UV reactor is a 1” MNPT connection. You’ll likely need a reducing bushing.

  4. Mount the Reaction Chamber on top of the UV using the included fittings as a guide to where it ends up exactly.

  5. If using PEX pipe, be sure to run 12” of copper before switching to PEX or install a light dam at the outlet.

  6. purifiner minirack uv system installation tips
    Once the system has been plumbed in, gently remove the quartz sleeve from its packaging being careful not to touch the length with your hands. The use of cotton gloves is recommended for this procedure as oils from your hands can leave residue on the sleeve and lamp which can ultimately block the UV light from getting to the water.

  7. Carefully slide the sleeve into the reactor, with the open end on the side where the UV lamp will be inserted until it protrudes about 1” from both ends. Slide one of the supplied O-rings over the end. Tighten the non-electrical end cap by hand. Install the other O-ring over the open end of the sleeve on the chamber end that has the grounding screw attached – hand-tighten. Once assembled, tighten ¼-1/2 turn using a wrench or pliers, do not over-tighten.

  8. Remove the lamp from its protective packaging. Clean lamp exterior with a clean cloth. Be careful not to leave fingerprints on the lamp. Connect the 4-pin electrical connector to the pins on the UV lamp. Insert the lamp through the opening at the end of the electrical end cap until the connector is inside the end cap. 

  9. Loosen the setscrew on the side of the lamp plug cover, and place the cover over the ledge of the electrical end cap. Tighten the setscrew. 

  10. Remove the nut on the grounding stud and place the grounding wire (green & yellow) onto the stud. Replace the nut and tighten. 

  11. Ensure the valves on either side of the disinfection unit are closed. Open the main supply valve. Open the valve on the discharge side of the disinfection unit. Open the valve slowly on the feed side of the disinfection unit. Check for leaks. If any leaks are present, close valves and repair. 

  12. Connect UV power source to a 120v receptacle. A green Lamp-On LED light indicates the lamp is ignited and a 365 Lamp Life Days countdown is displayed on the controller or ballast.

  13. Your Purifiner UV Disinfection System is now ready for use.

Before service begins all household plumbing lines should be disinfected. 



It is imperative that the entire distribution system located after the UV be chemically cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the plumbing system is free from any contaminants.

The cleaning process must be performed immediately after the UV unit is installed and repeated whenever the UV is shut down for service, without power, or inoperative for any reason.

>> The procedure for disinfecting the plumbing system is explained in this video.




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