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How to Install an Ultraviolet Disinfection System to Make Your Well Water Safe to Drink?

How to Install an Ultraviolet Disinfection System to Make Your Well Water Safe to Drink?


You want to make sure that the well or lake water at your home, cottage or cabin is bacteria free by installing a UV system, right? Can you do it yourself or do you need a licensed plumber to handle the installation? What type of pipe do you need to use? Where should it be installed? What do you need to know when installing a UV for your family? I’ll explain it all starting right now.


Rural Home, Cottage or Cabin Owner's Listen Up

This video is for the rural home, cottage or cabin owner who is looking to add a UV system to make sure your water is bacteria free for your family. You can invest in a quality UV system at a discount from an online store like and doing it yourself or hire a local plumber to complete the installation for you but what how difficult is it really? I’m going to share all of my tips and tricks and guide you through the whole installation process using this Viqua VH410 as an example: Whenever you need a high capacity, versatile and easy to install UV, especially if you already have a pre treatment housing available, these are a great choice. I especially like that they can be installed horizontally, if space does not permit a vertical install. This is especially useful in cottages or cabins where there is very little space. We have them available with FREE Shipping and Discount Pricing here


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Discount pricing and FREE Shipping on all of our UV Systems and UV Lamps here. If you’re not sure how a UV System works you may want to check out this video to learn a little more!



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Something to Keep In Mind

Keep in mind pretreatment requirements, you need to be below these limits, otherwise you will compromise the UV performance. Iron – 0.3 ppm, Hardness – 7 gpg, Turbidity – 1 NTU, Manganese – 0.05 ppm, Tannins – 0.1 ppm and above 75. 


Handling the Controller

The controller should be mounted either above or beside the chamber. Always mount controller horizontally to prevent moisture from running down cordage and causing a potential fire hazard. Drip loops in all cordage connected to controller is highly recommended. The disinfection system is intended for indoor use only, do not install disinfection system where it may be exposed to the weather.


Step by Step Installation

Install the disinfection system on cold water line only, before any branched lines. A 5 micron sediment filter must be before the disinfection system. The disinfection system should be the last treatment the water receives before it reaches the faucet. Note: Be sure not to touch the lamp or the quartz sleeve with your fingers. Handle by ends only or wear soft gloves.

1. Shut off the main water supply valve.

2. Mount the pre filters and UV to the wall using a piece of plywood. Screw chamber clamp(s) to the wall (#10 screws recommended.)

3. Insert chamber and tighten clamp(s). Make all necessary plumbing connections based on the type and size of pipe you are connecting to . Refer to plumbing diagram in manual for layout.

4. Mount controller mounting bracket to wall using four #8 screws (not provided). Slide controller onto mounting bracket.

5. Outlet must be protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).Connect power cord to controller. DO NOT connect the power cord to the GFCI outlet at this time.

6. The system comes with the sleeve pre installed.

7. Insert the new lamp into the chamber leaving about two inches protruding from the chamber.

8. Attach the connector to the lamp, note that the connector will only allow correct installation in one position.

9. Push the lamp connector against lamp connector base together until an audible click is heard.

10. Connect power. Open all faucets and turn on water supply. Inspect for any leaks. Your Viqua VH410 disinfection system is now ready for service.

11. Before service begins, all household plumbing lines should be chemically disinfected. Check out my video here on the process.