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How to install a Water Filter Housing | The Water Filter Estore

How to install a Water Filter Housing | The Water Filter Estore

If you are installing a Filter Housing you will first need to decide what size and type of filter you will be using. I always recommend a 10" Big Blue Filter Housing unless you have only one bathroom, then a 10" slimline will be fine or if your house has 4 or more bathrooms or 1" plumbing a 20" Big Blue would be better. The housing needs to be mounted where you have access to replace the filter in the future and where any water being spilled during filter replacement will not splash into or onto electrical components.
1. Shut off the main water supply valve.
2. Mount the unit to the wall using the mounting bracket provided.
3. When installing the Filter Housing, make sure the flow arrows on them point in the same direction as the water flow. WARNING: if soldering, do not allow heat near plastic threads or fittings.
4. I always recommend installing ball valve shut offs before and after the filter housing
5. Open the valves on either side of the Filter Housing. Check for leaks. Open supply valve slowly and bleed air from system.
6. Be sure to flush all new filters thoroughly before using water.
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