How to Change Your Hot Tub Water to Spa Solution


Spa solution is a great chemical free, natural water treatment for your hot tub. We have been using Spa Solution in our home for years but if you're switching over from Chlorine or Bromine the procedure is a little different as follows.
Step One: Purge to remove the old chemical induced buildup.
1. Remove your cartridge filter and any sanitizer dispenser. During the cleansing process, keep your filter out of the spa. We also recommend that you clean and dry or replace your filter at this time.
2. In your existing (yes old) spa water, pour in one 480 ml. bottle of Spa Purge. If the spa is five years old or more, use two bottles.
3. Let the spa water circulate, keeping water at least 32°C/90°F for a minimum of eight hours per day over a minimum of five days.
4. After the five days or more, drain the water and flush the spa with fresh water. Put a hose in the filter area and fill the tub up to the top of the foot-well area, then drain and clean the well. Place the hose at the jets and gently flush backwards. This will aid in completely flushing contaminants from your spa.
5. Clean the underside of your spa cover, either with soap and water or some Spa Solution®. If the cover has any breaks or tears, we recommend it be replaced.
Step Two: Add Spa Solution®
1. Re-Fill your spa, preferably using our Spa Solution® 0.5 micron carbon block Pre Filter, then bring water up to temperature and add one 480 ml. bottle of Spa Solution® to spas up to 2,000 litres in volume.
2. This is the one time to check your water balance. Total hardness should be in the 50 to 250 ppm range, but I prefer soft water. If your water is at all hard you will also need to add a scale minimizer like Natural Chemistry Spa Stain and Scale to minimize staining and scale buildup. Alkalinity should be between 80 and 120 ppm. Spa Solution® will automatically maintain your pH level.
3. Clean your filter cartridge often (preferably every week but at least every second week) and even more frequently with heavy bather usage. The filter cartridge should be rinsed with hot water using our Filter Flosser to loosen oils and contaminants. Soak the filter overnight in a bucket of warm water using our Filter Soak cleanser. Rinse again using our Filter Flosser.
4. Add a bottle of Spa Solution® every three months.
5. Your spa water should be changed every three to six months depending on bather usage.
Spa Solution Chemical Free Hot Tub Water Conditioner

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  • Gary Beutler