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How to change the bulb and pre filter in Trojan UV Disinfection System

How to change the bulb and pre filter in Trojan UV Disinfection System

This video by Gary the Water Guy discusses why How to change the bulb in a Trojan UV Max ultraviolet water disinfection system.
Trojan home Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems have been around for years and with a little guidance you can change your own filter, UV bulb and clean the glass sleeve yourself. Caution: you will not be able to use any water in your house until this process has been completed, so before you start, plan accordingly.

1) The first step is to make sure you have everything ready. You will need a bucket, a clean cloth, some CLR or a similar cleaning product, the correct size replacement filter and Ultra Violet bulb and a spare glass sleeve just in case the old one cannot be thoroughly cleaned or gets broken.

2) Turn off the water supply before the Ultra Violet pre filter and open a tap downstream of the UV unit to release the pressure and then close the tap. Close a ball valve after the UV to shut-off the water to keep it from flowing backward through the UV.

3) Unplug the power supply and unplug the sensor (if you have one) from the blue jack. At this point you should let the system cool for 10 minutes or so. Squeeze sides of the black cap at the end of the UV and remove. Unplug power from bulb by pulling lamp plug from bulb.

4) Push red button on top of pre filter to relieve pressure from inside and unscrew the housing. Be sure to put a bucket under this housing as you might get quite a bit of water flowing through the system as the piping and UV empty.

5) Unscrew the sleeve bolt and remove the bulb and sleeve as one unit. Clean the sleeve with CLR or a similar product. If the sleeve cannot be completely cleaned, you will need to replace the sleeve with a new one.

6) Unscrew the lamp from inside the sleeve bolt and replace with a new bulb. When replacing the lamp/sleeve assembly, make sure that it is centered and the o rings are wet when screwing the assembly into the end of the UV chamber. Do not over-tighten as you could break the sleeve.

7) If your UV has a sensor, unscrew it, clean it with CLR and re attach to your UV before connecting the power wire to the lamp. Push on black safety cap.

8) Clean inside filter housing for pre filter and replace filter. Close housing by tightening canister, usually hand tight is enough.

9) Plug in UV sensor (if you have one) and power supply. If the power supply does not reset to 365 automatically, push the lamp timer reset button for 5 seconds to reset.

10) Slowly refill system by opening ball valve ahead of pre filter and check for leaks. Slowly open ball valve after UV. Once fully pressurized, you can fully open the ball valves before and after the UV system.

11) Drain the first two gallons of water that comes through the filter and UV.

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