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How to Add Solenoid to Your UV Dynamics Ultraviolet System

How to Add Solenoid to Your UV Dynamics Ultraviolet System

If you are on well water you likely live in a rural area and power outages do occur. If your power goes out you have probably have noticed that you can still use the water for about 3 or 4 gallons before it stops flowing. Unfortunately, you may not realize that when you power is off so is your Ultraviolet Disinfection system, which means bacteria can get into your water. But even worse, that bacteria can get past your Ultraviolet light and infect the water in your home or cottage even after the power is restored to your UV!! Worse yet, you will have false confidence that your family is protected by the UV when in actual fact your water may very well be contaminated.

So what’s the solution?

A solenoid kit like this UV Dynamics 1" Solenoid Valve Kit #400455 is the way to go. You need to make sure that you invest in the same brand as your UV and that your model UV is compatible with the Solenoid kit like this UV Dynamics - 10 gpm Minirack MR320-TP2S/220 Next you need to decide where to mount it. At first it may seem incorrect but it is best mounted right after the UV, that way if the power (or lamp) goes out, it will shut off the water flow and prevent any bacteria ridden water from passing through the UV, protecting your family. Be careful to route components and wires carefully to make sure that any water dripping from condensation from the pipes and even the UV itself does not fall onto any of these. Better yet be sure to insulate the pipes to minimize condensation.

I always recommend plugging an Ultraviolet System into a surge suppressor and that is even more important with a solenoid and its power supply.

So basically, once you have the components positioned, you just connect the RSI (Remote Solenoid Interface) to the solenoid and then the RSI needs to be connected to the UV ballast at the green connector. For regular operation the transformer needs to be connected to the port labelled 12VDC. Plugging the transformer into the port labelled “Override” will force the valve open for emergency purposes.

With the installation complete, whenever there is a power or if ever there is a lamp failure, your families water will be protected from contamination.