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Hints and Tips for Using Spa Solution Hot Tub Water Treatment

Hints and Tips for Using Spa Solution Hot Tub Water Treatment

1. Minimize the use of fragrances because not all are compatible.

2. Spa Solution® is a positively charged ion. Your tub's surface has a negative charge. Once in a 90-day period, they will bond, and you will notice a slight film develop on the surface of your tub. All that you need to do is wipe the inside of your tub with a clean cloth or sponge to break this bond. The great result of this bonding is that it also creates a natural lubricant within your spa, coating your heating element, pump, seals, and your plumbing, allowing your tub's mechanics to work longer and better.

3. For the first day or two, and very occasionally thereafter, you may experience an organic earthy odour. This simply means Spa Solution has found contaminants and is working harder. In the case of an occasional organic smell, this may suggest your filter requires more frequent cleaning. Make sure the pH is between 8.0 and 8.4. Check to make sure the underside and inside of the cover has been cleaned too.

4. Spa Solution® is compatible with ozonators, chlorine and bromine. Follow directions for use on the sanitizer product label.

5. Cloudy water may be caused by frequent use by a large number of bathers, or lotions, oils, deodorants, sunscreens or other products used on the skin or soap residues in bathing suits.

To clear up cloudy water:

* Make sure spa users and bathing suits are as clean as possible.

* Make sure the filter has been rinsed with hot water.

* Make sure the filtration system runs at least 8 hours a day.

* Try adding an oxidizer (non chlorine shock) after use

* OR Water clarifier (available at your spa product retailer) can be used to speed up recovery time.

* Be patient. The spa water will clear up and does not have to be drained if the water is cloudy; Spa Solution just needs some time to do its job.

6. If your spa water has a high mineral content, it may be necessary to use a product to aid in the removal of the mineral. A high iron content, for example, may tend to leave a brownish ring around the spa. A high Calcium content will leave flakes or a precipitate on the side walls below the water line. Most spa dealers will stock this item.

Alternately, you can fill the spa with softened water which already has the mineral content removed by the softener.

7. A low pH is very unusual and indicates that an acidic substance has entered the water. Spa Solution will restore the pH to the range in which it works best, 8.0 to 8.4. To aid in the recovery of this normal range, a pH up product can be used.

8. For filling your spa, use a Garden Hose Pre-Filter. This makes initial chemical balancing easier & future issues are greatly reduced. It greatly increases (OFL) optimum filter life of your main filter(s) as well.

9. Deep clean your filters every 1-2 months using our Filter Soak. Rinse filter(s) weekly or as needed.

10. Ozonators are recommended and are compatible with Spa Solution®.

11. Cup-Holders should be swept out as water will turn cool and may produce a slight odour.

12. Bathing Suits should be washed in hot water without soap and double rinsed to remove dyes and any soap residue before use in your hot tub.

13. Neck jets should remain open slightly so that water may flow freely during filtration cycle.

14. Spa covers and headrests should be cleaned if any odors are present.

*If you have drained your spa and expect to leave it drained for an extended period of time, 'shock' the water with chlorine when you refill.
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