Easy Maintenance for Your Water Filter System using Plumbers Clear Silicone Grease


Plumbers Clear Silicone GreaseWould you like to know a plumbers secret? Clear Plumbers Silicone Grease will make servicing your water treatment equipment easier, faster and will save your family money! Often you will hear that using Vaseline on seals will make them work better, but that product will actually shorten the life of rubber seals because it is a petroleum based product. Plumbers Grease is silicone based so it actually makes the seals last longer. By making the surfaces slide when closing a filter housing or any other surface coming into contact with the lubricated o ring it keeps the o ring from stretching which will shorten its life. This grease makes a coating on the o ring which means you do not need to apply as much force to get it to seal, which is a good thing especially when it comes time to open up that housing to replace the filter or other maintenance.

To use the grease just make sure the surfaces are dry and then spread a thin layer over the o ring and tighten up just enough so it does not leak. This silicone grease is perfect for lubricating o rings on most Ultraviolet Systems too, just do not lubricate an o ring that is used for a friction fit to suspend a quartz sleeve as it could allow it to slide out! Shop Now! Plumbers Clear Silicone Grease

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  • Gary Beutler