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Beginners Guide to House Water Filtration

Beginners Guide to House Water Filtration

You’ve recently moved to a new home and aren’t sure about what if any water filtration you need. Maybe your new home, cottage or cabin has a bunch of water filtration equipment in it already but not only do you not know if it’s working you don’t even know what you have. Maybe it’s your first cottage or cabin that has a well or is on lake water? What is all this water filtration stuff? Relax!
Check out this Beginners Guide to House Water Filtration video is for the “new to you homeowner” who needs this Beginners Guide to House Water Filtration. I explain how you can identify “all those tanks” what they do and how a well or lake water source is totally different than being on a municipal water source in a city or town.

I explain what to expect in terms of sounds and other aspects as well as what to look for in your home to identify if what you have is working and what symptoms you will get from your water. We will be covering everything from a basic, single filter housing that is removing dirt or chlorine water right up to Whole House Water Softeners, Iron Filters and Reverse Osmosis systems.

I’ll also guide you through the process of fixing your water if your family has concerns about the safety, smell discoloration or staining caused by the water in your new home.

Municipal water systems are used in cities, towns and village communities where they treat your water to make sure that it is delivered to your home within drinking water standards. So they make sure that it is potable water. Well or lake water systems are where you have your own water well or draw from a lake or stream. If you don’t treat this water to make sure that it is safe for you family no one else will!! 

If after watching the video you’re still confused about what you have you can always email me a picture with your questions to info@waterestore.com