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Avoid this WATER SOFTENER MISTAKE before it's too late!

Avoid this WATER SOFTENER MISTAKE before it's too late!

If your water softener springs a leak or malfunctions in any way, what would you do? You know you get up in the middle of the night in your house or someone else’s and you hear water running somewhere in the house. You quickly check around and soon enough realize that water is running through the water softener. Maybe you aren’t sure how long it should be running for, maybe it seems to be running far longer today than ever before, so what should you do? You want to get back to sleep but you want to make sure you do the right thing!

You would probably just unplug it right? Nope that’s the wrong thing to do and I’ll show you why right now. If the water softener is currently in a cycle and you unplug it, the water softener will stay in that same cycle! So if it’s in a cycle where water is running to drain, which it almost always is during regeneration, water will keep running to drain at a rate of about 5 gallons a minute forever! FREE Shipping and Discount Pricing on water softeners here*%20water*%20softener*

See what happens if I unplug this Clack WS1 valve water softener while it is in it’s back wash cycle. It just keeps on going! The same thing happens with each of these three water softener valves. You’re far better off to try to advance the valve by pushing the Regeneration button several times until it gets back to the home position and then bypass it until it’s been checked out. If you can’t advance the valve, just bypass the water softener to minimize wasted water! Show several bypass valves as an example of how to bypass each one. Some water softeners have a 3 way bypass built around them and can be bypassed that way, or if all else fails just shut off the water to the house and go back to bed!