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HUM Water Filtration  

Whenever our customers identify the need for a water treatment product, we look for the best product to fill that need. Because we’ve had a retail store since 2003 we are in consumers’ homes every day testing water, installing and servicing their water treatment needs so we understand what works and what doesn’t, which brands provide the quality products and customer support for our customers and which ones do not. We choose the best of the best to become HUM Water Filtration product manufacturers.

We vet all suppliers and personally test all HuM Water Filtration products, actually installing them in our homes and monitoring their performance on a daily basis. The manufacturer must have a proven track record of not only building a high performance product but also provide amazing after sales support. HuM Water Filtration products give exceptional performance but without the bells and whistles that often seem like a great product perk initially but become problematic long term. They are easy to install & service, use widely available non proprietary consumables and when possible, are Made in North America. We offer YouTube videos that support HuM Water Filtration products explaining how they work, how to install and service.

We have access to over 20,000 water treatment products and there are hundreds of thousands more available but given our extensive research, testing and support we select only the best for your family to become HuM Water Filtration products and we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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