Why We Love Spa Solution Hot Tub Water Conditioner


My wife Sheryl and I are in the solarium at the back of our house where we've been using this hot tub for about 20 years. So Sheryl, almost 10 years ago you stopped using our hot tub, can you tell us why?
Sheryl: I found that the bromine in the water was drying out my skin causing it to become red, dry and very itchy, so every time I came out of the hot tub I needed to take a shower to remove the chemicals from my skin and moisturize with baby oil. It also caused by skin to crack and actually bleed occasionally.
Also, the fumes from the bromine were causing me to cough whenever I used the hot tub and was making my hair frizzy.
The chemicals we were using before ruined every bathing suit so I could only use old ones, so all in all it was very frustrating using the hot tub so I just stopped!
Since we switched to Spa Solution about four years ago have you been using the hot tub?
Sheryl responds: Yes, I am and not only is it not drying out my skin it is actually moisturizing it now to the point where I no longer have to have a shower or apply moisturizer after getting out of the hot tub. I enjoy and look forward to using our hot tub now!
Gary: I too have noticed a huge difference in how much nicer my skin feels after using our hot tub with Spa Solution. Although I have used it all along I did find it very time consuming to continually keep checking the pH and bromine levels in the tub on a daily basis before switching to Spa Solution. My time maintaining the hot tub has been cut in half.
Also, since Spa Solution works best with soft water I have found the heating element has stayed much cleaner casuing it to be more energy efficient and I am sure the pump and all of the seals are going to last much longer because the slightly oily feel of spa solution keeps all of the rubber seals lubricated.
So Sheryl would you recommend Spa Solution to your friends and family? I sure would it is the best hot tub water conditioner for us and it will be for you too!
So what is Spa Solution? It's an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic, chemical free, enzyme based spa water conditioner that gives you clean, clear water for up to three months. But what is really important is that it makes using the hot tub much more comfortable, protects and preserves your spa equipment and bathing wear, is fully compatible with ozone, chlorine and bromine, eliminates foaming and there is no chemical odour. And when it's time to drain your hot tub the lack of chemicals benefits you and the environment.
Spa Solution Chemical free Hot Tub Water Conditioner

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  • Gary Beutler