How to Clean or Replace the Injector in Aquamaster or Water Boss Water Softener


Our trouble shooting information for your Aquamaster Water Softener may indicate that you clean or replace the injector nozzle, this would be as a result of using poor quality salt that has particles of dirt in it or because there is iron in the water and it has clogged the injector. The Injector Nozzle and throat creates the vacuum that draws the brine solution from the brine cabinet. The center hole needs to be clear of debris, round, and undamaged. If this hole becomes “clogged” with debris such as iron, use a wooden toothpick to open it up. Do not use metal objects to clear this opening, damage may occur. Use a clean cloth and flush with water. If you need to remove and replace the injector throat:

1) Put the water softener on bypass and unscrew injector cap and injector nozzle.

2) Use a drywall screw to remove the injector throat but be sure to replace with a new one, do not reuse the old one.

3) The New Injector Throat should be pressed flush into the opening in the valve. When assembling to the Valve, the Nozzle hole should line up with the Throat. Flush screen with water to clean.

4) The over-mold gasket seals between the Injector Nozzle and the Injector Cap.

5) Once reassembled, put the water softener back into service, initiate a regeneration and check for leaks.

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  • Gary Beutler