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How Much Does Water Softener Installation Cost?

How Much Does Water Softener Installation Cost?

You need a water softener for your family but how much will it cost to have it installed? What determines water softener installation cost, and are there varied options you should consider?How much could you save by doing it yourself -- or do you need a licensed plumber to handle the installation?

These are all great questions and important factors to consider when exploring Water Softener options. Today I'm going to break Water Softener installation costs down for you so you can easily find the answers you need. 



When a homeowner is looking at getting a water softener to fix their water quality, more and more people are purchasing their water softeners from an online store like and installing it themselves. Many are also hiring a local plumber for the installation... but what is the water softener installation cost?

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--> If you’re not sure how a water softener works, you may want to check out this video before reading on to learn a little more.  

A basic installation of a water softener costs about $300 but it can vary on a number of factors like:

  1. Is your plumbing copper or Pex plastic? 
    Pex is easier and less costly to work with than copper but if you have copper pipes it can be converted to Pex for the water softener installation part and then go back to copper.

  2. Do want to bypass your outside faucets?
    When a water softener is installed, all water downstream will become softened, but you may want to bypass the outside faucets under certain conditions. If you do a lot of lawn watering or gardening you may prefer to use untreated water.

    Irrigation systems are typically bypassed but if the sprinkler's spray hits your windows you might want to use treated water to make sure you don’t get staining or water spots.

    Also, if you use the water from your outside faucets for car washing you will be better off with treated water.

    Bypassing outside faucets requires running a water line from before the connection to the water softener to the piping going to the faucet.

  3. How much plumbing is involved?
    Sometimes, due to space limitations or the configuration of your install location, the water softener needs to be located a distance from where the water comes into the home or from the drain connection which may require additional piping, usually running about $5 per foot.

  4. Do you have an old water softener that is being replaced?
    The cost to remove and dispose of that old water softener can easily be $100 or more, especially if the brine tank is full of clogged salt! 

  5. Are you installing additional equipment at the same time?
    If you’re having several pieces of equipment installed in addition to the water softener -- like a reverse osmosis drinking water system or chlorine filter -- the second and third items are usually discounted if you’re having them installed at the same time.

So what's the bottom-line cost? 
Keeping all of the above factors in mind, the bottom line cost for Water Softener installation is about $300 for a basic installation, assuming you need about 20 feet of pipe including the drain line. Add about $5 per foot for extra piping and bypassing if needed, and another $100 or so for removal and disposal of any equipment being replaced.

Can you save this money by installing it yourself?
Sure thing! If you’re installing a water softener in your own home, you can save the cash and get it done with proper guidance. As a certified water specialist and former Engineer, I can help you out with this! Check out #GarytheWaterGuy's water softener installation playlist here for simple step-by-step installation tips that will get the job done right!  

Either way, understanding what’s involved and planning the installation ahead of time will make sure you get what you need and save your family money!

Unsure what type of Water Softener would be best for you and your family? Reach out to our team of water treatment specialists here -- we're knowledgeable, friendly, and love to help families conquer crappy water!



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