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HUM Metered Water Softener 60K Fine Mesh Resin

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HUM Metered Water Softener 60,000 grain

    ✔️ Premium Valve
    ✔️ Fine Mesh Resin for Manganese compatibility
    ✔️ Gets rid of staining makes home easier to keep clean and will save you money!
    ✔️ Perfect if on a budget and looking for a standard efficiency water softener
    ✔️ Softens water and removes some clear water iron
    ✔️ Metered Softener to save salt and money
    ✔️ Cleans itself (regenerates)only when necessary
    ✔️ Power Cell backup retain settings and time during power interruptions
    ✔️ Removes clear water iron up to 1.0 ppm
    ✔️ Convenient two piece design
    ✔️ Black Neoprene Sweat Jacket and Black Brine Tank included
    ✔️ 60,000 grain capacity
    ✔️ Bypass valve included 
    ✔️ Electronically controlled efficiency and reliability
    ✔️ Manufactured by WateriteTechnologies Inc – A Canadian Company
    ✔️ Flow rates of up to 27 gpm. 
    ✔️ Valves can be disassembled in less than 5 minutes without tools
    ✔️ Valves use no nuts, bolts, screws or springs for easy service
    ✔️ Can be used with potassium chloride for salt free softening


    Product Number WD SOCS60FPFM

    Download Manual Here

    Download Quick Start Manual Here